Then Came Light

Known for his forensic mysteries and medical thrillers, D.J. Donaldson now takes his readers on a new kind of ride — 14 stories unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

Chuckle under your breath or perhaps laugh aloud at the evil antics of a vengeful cat that is much smarter than its owner. Follow a young girl as she rescues a puppy from sure death, then becomes involved in a wondrous event beyond anyone’s ability to explain. Spend Halloween eve with a nasty couple who discover that frightening children is not as much fun as they thought. See how a preadolescent boy’s infatuation with a neighbor girl helps him find an inner strength that will last the rest of his life. Meet two new residents of a city, where the husband rightly concludes they are no longer living among “their own kind.” Witness the shocking events that transpire when a con man and his female accomplice enter the strangest Christmas store that ever existed. At some point while reading these and the other eight stories in this collection, you’ll probably shake your head and think, Where does he get this stuff?

Length: 60,000 words, 208 pages

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