The Queen of Death and Darkness

After weeks of crossing the great Yiku-Kas desert, Alden Havenwulf and Dexter Reedman have finally reached the border of the lush Midalean lands called the Eastmarch, wanting only a full belly and a roof to sleep under. Instead they find they’ve ridden into a war between a powerful wizard and the goddess of the underworld, the dreaded Queen of Death and Darkness.

For hundreds of years, the Eastmarch has been under the protection of the Warder, a wizard who serves the White Flame, a sorcerous power unrivaled on Reven. Under the Warder’s care, harvests are plentiful, trees sag under heavy crops of fruit, and livestock grows fat. Life is long and peaceful.

But part of the Eastmarch once belonged to the people of the desert, the dreaded Sedanni, and now they want it back. Aided by their shaman and the power of their patron diety, they cross the Black River to take back what they believe is theirs.

As the world explodes in flaming war between two eternal powers, Alden and Dexter fight a desperate battle to save themselves and their friends from the wrath of the Queen of Death and Darkness.

Length: 32,500 words, 111 pages

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