Sharp Steel

Winner of the 2018 Darrell Award!

Dragons, wizards and one big-ass axe.

What 21-year-old swordsman would choose the cloistered life of a priest over one of sharp steel and high adventure? Not Alden Havenwulf.

As a Prince of Corland, the mightiest kingdom on Reven, his world is driven by ancient traditions and rigid obligations. But instead of the twisted politics of the Royal Court, Alden chooses exile, wandering the world in search of riches enough to buy his own estate.

Along with his giant friend Dexter, and Dexter's enormous axe, the Corlandishman leaves a wake of dead wizards, broken monsters, and angry gods. If you love Robert E. Howard's original Conan stories, Michael J. Sullivan, or Michael-Scott Earle, then you'll love a book that combines all of their best traits in fast-paced, captivating, classic sword and sorcery tales.

Buy this book to remember why you got hooked reading fantasy in the first place!

Length: 77,700 words, 254 pages

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