Mayhem in Memphis

The writers of Malice in Memphis understand that any time you get a big group of people together to go hog wild, there's a perfect opportunity for crime. Each of the tales in Mayhem in Memphis deals with murder or theft or some other action, polite — and not so polite — that society frowns on.

Needless to say, the stories are fiction, and so are all the characters, but the settings are quite real.

This is the fourth Malice in Memphis anthology of crime-ridden short stories set around the Memphis bluff.

Read them all, why don't you?

You'll have a blast.

Contributing authors: Phyllis Appleby, Mary Balsamo, Kristi Bradley, Barbara Christopher, Juanita D. Houston, Larry Hoy, Lynn Maples, Carolyn McSparren, Elaine Meece, Geoffrey Meece, James C. Paavola, PhD, Jackie Ross Flaum, Angelyn Sherrod, and Dr. Susan Wooten.

Length: 86,000 words, 271 pages

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