In the Service of Luna

Two young cadets. One war. On-the-job training just got harder.

LFS Navy Provisional Officer Candidate Lorna Greenwood hopes the Fleet Academy will prepare her to follow in her grandmother’s legendary footsteps. But when the enemy’s missiles rip into her duty station during her first-year training cruise, she must find some of that legend inside her to help bring her ship through the battle.

Marine mustang Nova Sakura, Lorna’s Academy roommate, doesn’t understand all that fuss. Armed Marines + bad guys = take them out, so that’s what she does. But when enemy action leaves her and her team stranded on a new planet, Nova must learn some political savvy to accent her fighting skills, or they could be killed by the natives before the enemy even finds them.

Two young women put their lives on the line in the service of Luna… even if that means leaving their families, their friends, and even their hearts behind.

Length: 138,500 words, 380 pages

The Saga of the Lunar Free State:
Book 1: The Moon and Beyond
Book 2: Someday the Stars
Book 3: Valkyrie's Daughter
Book 4: In the Service of Luna

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